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Tailwind Recovery Mix - 911g

Tailwind Recovery Mix - 911g

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The Right Mix of Carbs Protein Electrolytes and Accomplishment.

Every big effort deserves a big reward. Carefully crafted to make the most of your down time; Recovery Mix delivers a delicious and optimal mix of carbs; complete protein; and electrolytes to get you back out there; stronger; faster and sooner.

  • Complete protein; carbohydrates; and electrolytes:
    Ditch the blender! Recovery Mix contains all you need for a full recovery; and nothing you don’t.
  • Easy and convenient:
    Simply mix with water for a “recovery-on-the-go” whether you’re coming off the trail or after a hard workout at the gym.
  • Most efficient protein on the market: Contains 3x more complete protein than whey protein isolate and 2x more than chocolate milk – which means more usable protein is going towards the damaged muscles that need it; instead of your kidneys; which don’t.
  • Delicious and dairy-free:
    Yep; it’s vegan and tastes like a frothy milkshake instead of that oh so terrible chalky taste we are all familiar with.
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